January Events


NETA Personal Training Certification Course

Certification Details

Zumba Wednesday 5:30

Saturday Sampler 8/25/18 Cool down & stretch

Saturday Sampler 8/25/18 Warm-up

Saturday Sampler 8/25/18 Aqua Flex and Tone

Saturday Sampler 8/25/18 Aqua 3-2-1

Saturday Sampler 8/25/18 Aqua Aerobics

Saturday Sampler 8/25/18 Aqua Fatburners

Saturday Sampler 8/25/18 melt

Saturday Sampler 8/25/18 Zumba

Saturday Sampler 8/25/18 Overdrive

Saturday Sampler 8/25/18 Barre

Saturday Sampler 8/25/18 Cycle

Saturday Sampler 8/25/18 Kickboxing

Saturday Sampler 8/25/18 Body Sculpt

Saturday Sampler 8/25/18 Step

Gentle Yoga Tuesday 9:30

Memorial Day 2018 11:30 Zumba

Memorial Day 2018 11:00 Aqua Fit Fatburners

Memorial Day 2018 10:30 Body Sculpt

Memorial Day 10:00 Aqua Flex and Tone

Memorial Day 2018 9:30 Gentle yoga

Memorial Day 2018 9:30 Barre

Memorial Day 2018 8:30 Overdrive

Memorial Day 2018 7:30 ZoneCycle

Memorial Day 2018 6:30 Aqua Plyoga

Young at Heart Muscle Muscle Toning Thursday 10:30am

Saturday 8:15 Yoga

Wednesday 12:15 Cycle

8:30 Tuesday Overdrive

6:30 Tuesday Aqua Flex and Tone

Cycle Friday 5:30

Friday 3:30 Yoga

TRX Training

3:30 Wed Yoga

ALS Swim Challenge


Saturday Step 11:30am

3:00pm Gentle Joints

MELT Fri 5:30pm

Wed Aqua Fit Fatburners 12:00

Thurs 9:30 beginner step

Thursday 6:15 Tabata

Sun 2:00 Strong by Zumba

saturday sampler 6/10

Ab Attack Wednesday 5:30

Express Cycle Wednesday 5:00

Senior Mini Class Sit/Fit

Senior Mini Class Senior Circuit

Senior Mini Class Low Impact Aerobics

Senior Mini Class Gentle Yoga

Memorial Day 2017 12:00 Zumba

Memorial Day 2017 12:00 Zumba

Memorial Day 2017 11 Aqua Flex/Tone

Memorial Day 2017 10:45 Low Impact

Memorial Day 2017 10:00 Body Sculpt

Memorial Day 2017 10:00 Aqua Fatburners

Memorial Day 2017 9am Aqua Sculpt

Memorial Day 2017 9am Summer Shred

Memorial Day 2017 8am Yoga

Memorial Day 2017 6:30am Power Hour

Gentle Yoga Thursday 9:30

Ballroom Dance

Body Sculpt Wed 9:30am

10:30am Beginner Kickboxing Friday

Yoga Monday Wednesday 7:30am

Tuesday 12:15 Pilates

Beginner Step Tues 9:30

Sit and Fit Fri 8:30am

Saturday Sampler Aqua Barre

Saturday Sampler Power Pilates

Saturday Sampler Aqua Fatburn

Saturday Sampler Ballroom Dance

Saturday Sampler Ballroom Dance

Saturday Sampler Yoga

Saturday Sampler Body Sculpt

Saturday Sampler Zumba Step

Saturday Sampler Zumba

Saturday Sampler Cycling

Saturday Sampler Tai Chi

Saturday Sampler Barre

Saturday Sampler Butts and Guts

Saturday Sampler Kickboxing

R.I.S.E. sub for thursday

Saturday Sampler Triple Threat

R.I.S.E. Thursday SUB

zumba step tuesday 5:45

Monday 10:45am Zumba

Melt Thursday 12:15

Mon 8:30 Cycle/Step

black friday 2016 aqua flex and tone 11am

black friday 2016 9am sit and fit

black friday 2016 9am sit and fit

black friday 2016 11am body sculpt

black friday 2016 10am tai chi

black friday 2016 9:30am on track

Black Friday 2016 9am barre

black friday 7am cycle

Black Friday 2016 8am Yoga

Kickboxing wednesday 8:30am