Q:  Do I have to pay the monthly fee even if I don't use the facility?

A:  Yes. The LIFT Wellness Center does not bill based on individual usage. If you want to be charged only for the days you use, then you would need to pay the current day rate. Membership options are for those individuals who are looking to commit to a fitness lifestyle and who are looking for the best value for their dollar. We do offer leave of absence account freeze for a reduced monthly rate. A medical leave of absence would require a doctor's statement in order for the monthly freeze fee to be waived. Monthly membership and freeze fees are charged so the LIFT can have its facilities, personnel, equipment, classes and programs available to the members on a consistent basis.


Q:  May I bring guests to the LIFT Wellness Center?

A:  Yes. All active members are allowed to bring a guest at any time. The guest will be charged $15 for the day to use the facility, unless the guest presents a Member Referral Pass.


Q:  Do I need an appointment to take a tour?

A:  Yes. To best accommodate you and your interests, we suggest that you call ahead to schedule an appointment. This will ensure you that the member services staff will have plenty of time to discuss your needs and help you determine if LIFT Wellness Center is the best place for you. For a tour, please call 731.427.7048 or email Laura Davis, Membership Manager at S[email protected]


Q:  Do I have to pay to use the indoor climbing wall or for group fitness classes?

A:  If you are a member, no. If you are not an active LIFT member, yes. Use of the facilities, including the climbing wall, pools and classes, require either a valid membership or the purchase of a guest pass.


Q:  Can I add family members onto my account later on?

A:  Yes. As long as the family member meets the LIFT's guidelines for family eligibility, they can be added to your account. The additional family member's enrollment fee, along with the pro-rated portion for the monthly dues, will be required at the time of enrollment to establish the new member on the account.


Q:  What do I do if I am sick or hurt and can't use the facility?

A:  The LIFT Wellness Center allows a free extended Medical Leave for prolonged illness or injury. A letter from a physician is required to verify the condition. There is a three-month limit with review by management at that time, and it is not to exceed twelve consecutive months. A doctor's release is required to reactivate the membership.


Q:  Will someone show me how to use the equipment?

A:  Yes. All new members age 13 and over will have the opportunity to schedule a free fitness assessment and/ or an equipment orientation with a certified exercise specialist upon enrolling. The fitness assesment is a 1 hour session designed to assess your current fitness level in order for the exercise specialist to assist you in setting goals and designing an appropriate exercise program for you. The exercise specialist will then schedule a 30-minute one on one consult to review the exercise prescription and give you the tools to get started. The equipment orientation is a 30 minute session designed to introduce you to the facility's fitness equipment. As always, if you need additional instruction on use of the equipment or have any questions regarding exercise, ask any of our fitness staff for assistance, and they will be glad to help.


Q:  What is included in my membership?

A:  The following is a partial list of amenities included in your LIFT membership:

  • Free fitness assessment and exercise prescription
  • Free equipment orientation
  • Free group fitness classes
  • Free 15-minute nutrition consultation with a dietitian
  • Free health lectures and support groups
  • Childcare for a nominal fee
  • Senior classes and programs
  • Over 90 free group exercise and aquatics classes per week
  • Indoor rock climbing
  • Free towel service
  • Free daily use lockers
  • Separate family changing rooms for adults, families, boys and girls
  • Use of pools, hot tub, saunas and steam rooms
  • State-of-the-art resistance and cardiovascular training equipment
  • Reduced rates for personal training and small group training
  • Reduced rates for massage therapy
  • Reduced rates for nutritional therapy
  • Reduced rates for education suite rental
  • Reduced rates for pool, rock wall, and gym parties


Q:  Can I ask the exercise specialists questions or are they just available to those individuals who have purchased personal training?

A:   LIFT always has fitness staff scheduled on the fitness floor and are happy to answer any questions you might have. The exercise specialists at LIFT are also personal trainers and may be working with individual clients at certain times. If you need assistance and the fitness staff is currently occupied, please see the front desk and they will help you or find someone who can.