MOVE 150 Challenge

Welcome to the National Medical Fitness Week MOVE150 Challenge! The American College of Sports Medicine encourages us to be physically active at least 150 minutes per week.


Members: FREE • Non-Members: $10
Non-members get access to LIFT Wellness Center May 10-16.
$0 enrollment if you join LIFT Wellness Center by the end of May.

1) Pick up your MOVE150 card at LIFT Wellness Center front desk.
2) Complete a row or column of activity challenges, writing in the date completed.
3) Exercises do not have to be completed in order, as long as the row/column is complete at the
end of the week (be sure to date each box under completion.)
4) Submit your completed MOVE150 card to the front desk at LIFT Wellness Center by 5/19.
5) Complete multiple rows/columns or the full card for more chances to win!
* For every row or column completed you get another chance to win.

Participate and you can win (members)
 $25 LIFT gift card,1 hour massage, 4 personal training sessions
Winners will be notified by LIFT Membership Staff. Prizes can be claimed at LIFT Wellness Center