Types and Rates

Types of Memberships

  • Standard
  • Commit-to-Fit
  • Senior
  • College Student
  • Corporate (For more information, contact [email protected], Corporate Wellness Manager)
  • WTH Employee

Standard Membership

Month-to-Month memberships are available for individuals ages 18 and up with the option to add a spouse and dependent children (between ages 13 and 23) for a discounted rate. Children ages 13-15 must remain with their parent or guardian when in the facility until they have passed the Youth Exercise Safety Certification.

Members who pay for 12 months in advance will receive a discount. Terms and conditions may apply. See the front desk for more information.

Commit- to -Fit  Membership

At LIFT Wellness Center, a commitment to your health is priceless. The Commit- to-Fit Membership is available for standard memberships and senior memberships as well as their dependents. Ask about the Commit-to-Fit membership and save money today!

Senior Membership

Month-to-Month and Commit -to- Fit memberships are available for senior citizens and their spouses at a special rate. Individuals are considered to be seniors at age 65.

Exercise is Medicine

One of the most important decisions a person will make regarding his or her overall health is to incorporate physical activity into his or her lifestyle. We understand that encouragement from a physician might be the greatest influence on a patient's decision to make a lifestyle change.

Exercise is Medicine is an initiative of the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Medical Association. This program is a quick, simple and effective process for a person to get on track with improving his or her overall health and well-being. This program helps individuals with varying health conditions (i.e., hypertension, sleep disorders, obesity, etc.) learn how to incorporate physical activity into their daily routines. With the guidance of an exercise specialist, the individual will learn how to perform exercises that are more effective in improving his or her health and overall quality of life.

Membership is not required to participate in the Exercise is Medicine program. Entry into our Exercise is Medicine Program begins with a referral from your physician or healthcare provider. For more information, visit this page or contact the LIFT Clinical Integration Coordinator.

College Student Membership

Memberships are available for college students. Must show current student ID and class schedule to verify college enrollment.

West Tennessee Healthcare Employees

Employees of West Tennessee Healthcare locations and affiliates receive special monthly rates in addition to the employee wellness benefits program, Healthy Heights. To request more information about the WTH employee program, please contact Allison Wright at 265-1119.

*Military Discount

LIFT offers 50% off the primary enrollment fee for those serving as Active Duty in any branch of the military. Please bring current military ID to receive discount. For soldiers temporarily home on leave, a complimentary guest pass will be issued for the duration of your leave. Government-issued documents detailing dates will be required.

Membership Benefits

LIFT Wellness Center features state-of-the-art fitness equipment as well as a full menu of services designed to create an exceptional experience including:

  • Types of Membership - LIFT Wellness Center - Jackson TN Free weights
  • Plate-loaded and selectorized resistance training equipment
  • Cardiovascular training equipment with integrated personal entertainment systems
  • Separate Stretching Area
  • TRX Training Area
  • Personal/Small group training services
  • CrossFit LWC
  • Medical fitness programs
  • MyZone Heart Rate Training System
  • Three group class studios offering free group fitness classes including aquatic, cycling, mind/body and much more
  • Two large indoor pools: a 25-yard lap pool and a warm water exercise pool
  • Large spa pool/hot tub
  • Private and group swim lessons
  • Indoor cushioned walk/jog track
  • Multi-purpose gymnasium
  • Indoor climbing wall
  • Nutritional counseling services
  • Executive-style locker rooms with sauna, steam, and spacious showers (towel service provided)
  • Daily Use and Rental Lockers
  • Community health educational classes
  • Demonstration kitchen
  • Massage therapy
  • Healthy café
  • Discounts on small group training, massage therapy, personal training, and birthday parties for members
  • Private and Group Swim lessons
  • Childcare 

Our full-service locker rooms include complimentary towel service, body wash/shampoo, and hair dryers—every amenity you need to get you on your way after an invigorating workout!

Our mission at the LIFT Wellness Center is to equip our community with all of the health, wellness, and fitness tools needed to live empowered. We provide the area’s only health and fitness experience of its kind, offering services and amenities from a medical perspective and a personalized approach.

Our staff members are degreed, nationally certified, and passionate about making a positive lasting impact on your total well-being in a comprehensive, medically-integrated environment.

For more information about which membership option would best fit you, please contact Member Services at 731.425.6875 or by emailing [email protected]. Come in and see the LIFT difference for yourself.


Individual Membership Rates:

Type One-Time Enrollment Fee Dues-EFT Draft Dues-Credit Card draft Dues-One-Year Paid in Full
Adult Month to Month $149 $60 $65 NA
Adult One-Year Commit $99 $51.50 $56.50 $587 ($48.92/month)
Senior Month to Month $149 $45 $50 NA
Senior One-Year Commit $99 $39.50 $44.50 $450 ($37.50/month)
College $49 $39.50 $49.50 NA
  • Month to Month memberships require a 30-day notice to cancel
  • Adult Membership= Age 18-64
  • Senior Membership= Age 65+


Family Membership Rates

Type One-Time Enrollment Fee Dues-EFT Draft Dues-Credit Card Draft Dues-One-Year Paid in Full
Couple (Month to Month) $198 $105 $110 NA
Couple (One-Year Commit) $148 $91 $96 $1037.40 ($86.45/month)
Senior Couple (Month to Month) $198 $90 $95 NA
Senior Couple (One-Year Commit) $148 $79 $84 $900.60 ($75.05/month)
Family of 3 (Month to Month) $247 $130 $135 NA
Family of 3 (One-Year Commit) $197 $110.50 $115.50 $1260 ($105/month)
Family of 4 (Month to Month) $247 $155 $169 NA
Family of 4 (One-Year Commit) $197 $130 $135 $1482 ($123.50/month)
Family of 5 or more (Month to Month) $247 $180 $194 NA
Family of 5 or more (One-Year Commit) $197 $149.50 $154.50 $1704 ($142/month)
  • Couple Membership= Married couple or Parent and Dependent child age 13-23
  • Senior Couple Membership= Married couple with at least one age 65+
  • Family of 3 Membership = Married couple and Dependent child age 13-23 or parent and 2 dependent children age 13-23
  • Family of 4 Membership= Married couple and 2 dependent children age 13-23 or parent and 3 dependent children age 13-23
  • Family of 5 Membership= Married couple and 3 dependent children age 13- 23 or parent and 4 dependent children age 13- 23


Billing Options:

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) -Membership dues are drafted automatically by electronic funds transfer from checking or savings account- convenient and great savings
  • Credit/ debit draft- dues are billed the first of the month      
  • Pay one year in full- pay by card, cash, or check,  then converts to monthly draft after one year; must have a card on file to receive the 5% discount; may opt to pay in full the next year to receive the discount; if another payment in full is not made, dues will be drafted each month


  • Month to month memberships require a 30-day notice to cancel
  • One Year Commitment agreements will continue to draft after 12 months unless termination paperwork is submitted to the billing department