Group Fitness

At LIFT, all of our group fitness instructors are certified to ensure a safe, effective, and enjoyable workout for our members.

The LIFT Wellness Center provides a wide range of group fitness classes, both in our group studios and aquatics area. Group fitness classes are available to our members and guests ages 16 and older. They are also available to our youth members ages 13-15 after passing the Youth Exercise Safety certification test.

Group fitness schedules are posted at various locations including the studio entryways, the front desk and on this website. The LIFT Wellness Center reserves the right to change class times/instructors and to add or delete classes. Most classes are free to members; however, some specialty classes are considered small group personal training and may require an additional fee.

Group exercise classes at LIFT will include proper instruction and a variety of modifications that could be offered to a novice, intermediate or advanced exerciser. Please be aware of the intensity level of the class and avoid pushing beyond your limitations. Safety is of utmost importance, and our group exercise instructors are specially trained to modify classes appropriate to your fitness level if you have an injury or issue. If you do have an injury that we need to be aware of or a question about the class, please arrive ten minutes early in order to discuss your particular situation with the instructor so that he/she can make appropriate recommendations.

Click here for Group Exercise Studio Usage Guidelines and Policies

Ballroom Dance:  Each month learn a new style of ballroom dance. 120 min

Beach Body Blast:  The countdown to summer has begun, and the LIFT wants to help you get in tip-top shape with its new class. This class specifically targets the parts of the body that are of concern come beach season. This class includes both cardio and toning exercises. 45 min

Body Fusion:  A challenging and dynamic whole body muscle conditioning class using barbells, dumb bells and bands. This class will focus strength training and toning by targeting all the muscle groups into one class. 55 min

Butts & Gutts:  Focus on your lower half in this belly-busting, booty shaping class. 30 min

Chisel:  This is our “weight training” class. In the class, you will use heavier weights while performing lower repetitions and multiple sets. 45 min

Cycle:  A group class on stationary bicycles in which participants do interval, strength and endurance work by riding hills and flat roads. You determine how hard you will ride. 55 min

Insanity:  You’ll do cardio and plyometric drills with intervals of strength, power, resistance and core training. This class is nonstop, and you will be sure to sweat. 30 min

Kickboxing:  This high energy and high impact class is the perfect blend of kickboxing and cardiovascular training. This class is designed to elevate your heart rate as well as challenge your muscles and mind. 55 min

Lift Barre:  This ballet-inspired class will help you get a ballet-inspired body. Employing the body bar and light hand weights to both shape and elongate all of your major muscle groups, you’ll be tutu ready in no time. 55 min

M.E.L.T.:  Mold, Energize, Lift and Tone your way to a beach body. Continuously move from one exercise to the next while working on core, posture, balance, muscle endurance and muscle tone using light weights. 45 min

Piloxing:  A non-stop, cardio fusion of standing Pilates, Boxing and Dance that will push you past your limits for a sleek, sexy, powerful you. 55 min  See front desk to purchase Piloxing gloves or visit

Power Circuit:  Hit every muscle group and increase your heart rate as you burn calories zipping through stations of different fitness equipment. This is for the person that loves the intensity of repetitive cardio, power, agility and athletic drills. 55 min

Ride and Run:  This class incorporates segments of cycling and running to achieve the ultimate cardio workout. 55 min

Rock Bottom:  This class targets all of the muscle groups in the lower body. Leave here with a “rock bottom.” 30 min

Rock and Ride:  A cycling class that is infused with a variety of music videos. This class will keep you entertained while torching calories. 55 min  (Rock, Ride and Run is the same with intervals of running incorporated).

Step:  This high-powered workout offers participants the latest in step choreography. Mambos, pivots, hop-turns and knee repeaters. 55 min

Step & Sculpt:  A group class incorporating step aerobics and body sculpting weight moves for 25 minutes each. 55 min

Stretch It Out!: This 30 minute class is set at the end of the week to help relieve muscular tightness and relieve stress. You will utilize the yoga mats, straps and blocks to achieve the ultimate stretch. 30 min

Summer Shred:  Blast your cardio fitness level through the roof with any type of cardio training the instructor feels like throwing at you. This class may include kickboxing, step, high/low impact, cycling or sports conditioning.  This class will challenge you in both your aerobic and anaerobic zones to help you achieve the “shredded” look for the summer. 45 min

Tai Chi:  Chinese exercise system that uses slow, smooth body movements to achieve a state of relaxation of both body and mind. 55 min

Tabata Strength & Cardio:  A true Tabata class intermixing 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds. The work may consist of strength and/or cardio movements for 8 rounds. 45 min

Virtual Spin:  These classes allow people to come into spin class and escape through the scenery on the screen. Experience the Evergreens of Colorado, Deserts of Nevada and the Ice of Alaska. 55 min

Young @ Heart Low Impact Aerobics:  A cardio class designed for those who want little to no impact but have a desire to keep the heart rate up and burn calories. 55 min

Young @ Heart Muscle Toning:  This class is great if you are new to fitness or looking for a slower paced workout. You will increase muscular strength and endurance while creating the foundation of your fitness routine. 55 min

ZUMBA®:  This cardio-dance inspired class keeps you moving to traditional Latin dance styles such as the salsa, mambo, cha-cha and hip-hop. There’s no other fitness class like a Zumba Fitness-Party. 55 min

ZumbaToning®:  Using lightweight, maraca-like Toning Sticks, this class uses rhythm with Latin-infused Zumba moves. 55 min

Classical Yoga:  This method of exercise is based on movement, breathing and developing awareness of the mind. Classical Yoga will help to harmonize the body, breath and mind, relieving stress while building strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. 55 min

Fundamentals of Yoga:  This class is for individuals who have never taken a yoga class or who enjoy the mellow pace of a beginner class. Focus is on the back, neck and shoulders. Using diaphragmatic breathing and warm-ups with simple yogic stretches, students learn to relax the muscles and improve overall health and well-being. 55 min

Gentle Yoga:  Beginner-paced yoga class with a focus on building strength, flexibility and balance. Emphasis will be on therapeutic benefits of syncing movement with breathing as well as healthy and healing body alignment. 55 min

Hatha Yoga:  This class concentrates on physical health and a mental well-being mind by using bodily postures, breathing techniques and meditation. Expect to develop body awareness and explore varied postures in a mixed-level environment. 55 min

Mat Pilates:  This class is a Pilates class utilizing the mat, focusing on core strength, balance and flexibility. 55 min

Stretch It Out!:  This class is a 30 minute class designed to increase flexibility. Great for athletes or anyone with stiff muscles wanting to increase flexibility. 30 min

Vinyasa Yoga:  Come and stretch muscles while stimulating and encouraging proper functions of the organs. Intermediate-paced class that is designed to refine and build on foundational yoga postures. This class continues to focus on basic alignment with an emphasis on subtle adjustment that allows for a deeper understanding of the healing benefits of yoga. 55 min

Yoga:  This is a basic yoga class for all fitness levels. Instructor will tailor the class to the participants' needs. 45 and 55 min

Yogalates:  A fusion of Yoga and Pilates taking the strength and flexibility exercises of a Yoga class and combines them with the core tightening and strengthening of Pilates.

Aqua Circuit:  This class is set up circuit-style so you will never get bored. Move from one station to the next to work the entire body. The circuits in this class will include both cardio and strength training. 55 min

Aqua Dance:  Come dance the class away to your favorite tunes from different decades. You will have so much fun you will forget this class is a great workout. 45 min

Aqua Fit Fatburners:  If you are looking to get a fun workout and lose weight, then this 55 minute high-powered cardio workout is just the class for you. Plan to raise your heart rate in the water and burn calories. This class provides both cardio and muscular training while emphasizing proper form for improving core and total body strength.

Aqua Flex and Tone:  This is a great class for those who have Arthritis, Fibromyalgia or anyone beginner to intermediate exerciser. This class incorporates high-intensity, non-impact strength and cardiovascular movements that provide one of the best forms of exercise. 55 min

Aqua Sculpt:  This intense class will challenge even the most advanced participants. Each class covers the essentials of cardio exercise, resistance and flexibility. Proper form is emphasized while using a variety of equipment to increase total body strength and endurance. 55 min

Aqua Zumba®:  This class is the “pool party” workout for all ages!  This class is safe, effective and challenging while integrating the Zumba formula and philosophy into traditional aqua fitness disciplines. 45 min

Gentle Joints for Arthritis:  This is a class geared for the individual that does not want to be limited by their arthritis. The movements are small and slow focusing on getting the joints mobilized. 55 min

Power H2O:  Cardio in the water. Be prepared for a warm-up, cardiovascular workouts and a cool down of stretching and toning. 55 min