Member Handbook

This handbook has been assembled as a guide for all of our members. It is our hope that every member can get the maximum benefit from membership at the LIFT Wellness Center, and our policies are established to help make that happen. This handbook was designed to highlight the key policies and regulations of the LIFT Wellness Center and is not meant to be a complete list of all member and guest policies. From time to time, policies will be subject to change at the sole discretion of LIFT.

Member Handbook PDF 

Below you will find certain sections of the Member Handbook from which we get the most questions. Our staff here at LIFT Wellness are happy to discuss or answer any questions you may have.


The LIFT Wellness Center requires appropriate athletic attire in all areas of the facility. These standards include shirts, shorts, pants and athletic shoes. Sports bras worn alone, tops baring a majority of the midriff, string tanks where nipples are exposed or shorts where any part of the buttock is exposed are not permitted. Men should wear shorts over exercise tights. In order to prevent tearing the vinyl and scratching the equipment, please refrain from wearing denim with metal brads or decoration in the exercise area.


All swim apparel must be nylon, acrylic, or polyester, including shorts and shirts worn into the water. Swim apparel is to be modest in nature and of athletic cut. String bikinis or revealing suits will not be permitted. In order to prevent damage to the pool filter system, cotton or denim shorts or shirts are prohibited from being worn in the pool.


Footwear restrictions will be strictly enforced for your safety. Non-marking athletic shoes are required for use in the multi-purpose gymnasium and group fitness studios (with the exception of some group fitness classes such as yoga, pilates, etc., at the instructor’s discretion where shoes may be removed). Shoes must be worn in all areas of the facility except for the locker rooms and the pool areas. For the safety and wellbeing of our members, no open-toe shoes or sandals are permitted in the fitness area or gymnasium. Non-skid shoes are encouraged around the pool area to reduce the risk of slipping, and aquatic shoes are encouraged in the pools.


dress code policy


We pride ourselves on maintaining a very clean facility for our members and guests. Your contribution to that cause is greatly appreciated. When in the LIFT Wellness Center, please practice the golden rule, and properly clean and wipe down your exercise equipment with the provided disinfectant wipes after each use. We also ask that you dispose of the soiled wipes in the trash receptacles located throughout the facility.


In order to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all our members, LIFT Wellness Center has established a code of conduct for its members and guests. In certain instances, when the behavior causes harm, discomfort, or disruption to the Center, its members, or guests, LIFT Wellness Center reserves the right to fine its members, revoke or suspend membership or expel any individual for any improper behavior. Specific infractions include (but are not limited to):


Members may bring a guest. A guest is defined as a potential member of membership age. Guests must be of membership age except for family swim times. All members receive two 3-day referral guest passes per year. Guests who present the referral guest pass will be allowed 3 free visits into the LIFT Wellness Center. After the third visit, an adult guest will not be admitted without either becoming a member of LIFT or purchasing a guest pass. All adult guests must pay a guest fee and provide a photo ID for admittance to the LIFT Wellness Center. All guests are required to sign a waiver and have a photo uploaded for identification prior to using the facility. Guests are subject to LIFT’s behavior guidelines as well as all rules and regulations.

The LIFT Wellness Center reserves the right to refuse admission to any guest. Former members may not enter as guests unless their member account balance has been reconciled. The purchase of a guest pass or using of a member’s guest pass does not include use of the basketball gym for basketball play. LIFT reserves the right to restrict certain areas of the center to guests at any time as needed in order to ensure member priority.

Member Etiquette

Management reserves the right to suspend or terminate any member who knowingly disregards the rules and regulations of the LIFT Wellness Center or who participates in inappropriate, offensive, or abusive language or behavior.

Equipment/Workout Etiquette


If you need help, please ASK. All LIFT fitness staff members are certified fitness professionals. We are here for you and to ensure your safety.