Group Fitness

At LIFT, all of our group fitness instructors are certified to ensure a safe, effective, and enjoyable workout for our members.


The LIFT Wellness Center provides a wide range of group fitness classes, both in our group studios and aquatics area. Group fitness classes are available to our members and guests ages 16 and older. They are also available to our youth members ages 13-15 after passing the Youth Exercise Safety certification test.


Group fitness schedules are posted at various locations including the studio entryways, the front desk and on this website. The LIFT Wellness Center reserves the right to change class times/instructors and to add or delete classes. Most classes are free to members; however, some specialty classes are considered small-group personal training and may require an additional fee.


Group exercise classes at LIFT will include proper instruction and a variety of modifications that could be offered to a novice, intermediate or advanced exerciser. Please be aware of the intensity level of the class and avoid pushing beyond your limitations. Safety is of utmost importance, and our group exercise instructors are specially trained to modify classes appropriate to your fitness level if you have an injury or issue. If you do have an injury that we need to be aware of or a question about the class, please arrive ten minutes early in order to discuss your particular situation with the instructor so that he/she can make appropriate recommendations.

group fitness


Why should I try group fitness? 

Group Fitness provides motivation, social support, music and enjoyment, supervision by professional/credentialed instructors, a schedule which helps provide a habit, improved health and fitness benefits.


How do I choose the right class for me? 

Speak to any of our exercise specialists or contact our group fitness coordinator at [email protected] to help find the right class for you! 


What do I need to know before attending my first class?

Arrive 10-15 minutes early to meet the instructor. He/she will ensure that you are comfortable and answer any questions that you might have. Be sure to talk to the instructor after class. Let him/her know how you felt. The instructor can then make suggestions for modifications for your next class. Be sure to have a small healthy snack an hour or two before class. If you are unsure about how to fuel before a class, contact our dietitian at [email protected] so that she can make some recommendations. 


What do I need to bring?

Bring a towel, water bottle, and your energy. 


What do I do if I have a change in my health status (e.g. pregnancy, arthritis, heart condition, recent surgery)?

Be sure to have your healthcare provider clear you for exercise. Once you have been cleared, arrive early to class and talk to your instructor so that he/she can provide modifications if needed. 


How do I monitor my intensity during class? 

Hopefully, you have taken advantage of your free fitness assessment where you were provided with your intensity goals. You can then monitor your intensity in any of the following ways:

If you need assistance with any of these methods, please see an exercise specialist or your group fitness instructor.

If you are new to group fitness, have questions, or need some guidance, contact the group fitness coordinator Rachel Royer at [email protected]. She would be happy to help.


Group Exercise Studio Usage Guidelines and Policies