Nutritional Services

Nutritional Consultations/Medical Nutritional Therapy

As the only health care providers who extensively study food science along with evidence-based nutrition guidelines, registered dietitians understand the subtle differences in how foods are digested and the benefits that nourishing foods have for the body. Medical nutrition therapy focuses on assessing, evaluating and partnering with clients to choose the best foods for their taste buds, budgets and health.


Our registered dietitian can help you with practical lifestyle advice, meal- planning, grocery shopping, mindful eating, weight loss, weight gain, pre- and post- gastric bypass surgery, food allergies/ intolerance, management of diabetes, high blood pressure, or other chronic diseases and so much more.


Our dietitian sees self-referred and provider- referred patients.


For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact our dietitian, Allison Haynes, RD, LDN.

Nutrition Services Rates

30 Minutes: $32.50 (Member); $40 (Non-Member)

60 Minutes: $60 (Member); $80 (Non-Member)

3 Sessions: $135 (Member); $175.50 (Non-Member)

5 Sessions: $212.50 (Member); $276.25 (Non-Member)


Insurances Accepted

Our nutrition program is now accepting some forms of insurance plans for preventative care. Please call 731-425-6964 to see if your plan is accepted.